Living Room Furniture


At NGP Wood, we create furnishings that beautify your home. We have devoted more than four years to decorating and designing. Our exceptional craftsmanship invents new discoveries, and technological innovations to guarantee the seamless manufacturing of premium furniture goods. We have everything you need, from raw materials to finished items, under one roof to meet the manufacturing industry's ever-growing demands. Our architects work in close collaboration with Indian and international architects, interior designers, distributors, clients, and specialists - who exclusively and extensively use our goods for their interior projects.

Our Main Goals

NGP Wood's main motive is to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers. We deliver happiness with minimalistic art work. More products than you can imagine have surfaces which is available in a variety of beautiful patterns. Therefore you get a pallete of colors, textures, and motifs to choose from. We also customize styles and textures with colors that adjust with the beauty of your room, making the space worth spending time in.


Easy Installation

Our installation process is easy and hassle-free With the help of our experts, get the furniture installed as per your convinience.


Affordable Prices

The more complex the artifact, the more higher the price. Hence simpler the sober and is easy to keep the furniture clean.


Highly Durable

Our products are highly durable and water-proof. Due to this feature, most of the clients have trusted us. The wooden furniture is termite-free and fire-resistant.


Easy Maintenance

The modular furniture that NGP Wood provides requires little to no maintenance. It is simple to use and easy to maintain.

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